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Rewriting an .Net Core SSR app into SPA using ReactJS and Redux

January 10, 2022
I've been supporting my wife's Local Family Events business by keeping the ASP.Net Core website up and running. I was avoiding using ReactJS due to insufficient SEO behaviour, but I did briefly try to pull data from the existing site to an SPA-prototype using React just to see what I could do and it all would work well,. unfortunately it was not easy to achieve the pre-rendering behaviour that I needed as React was limited. About a year ago I heard about NextJS by Vercel. So a few weeks ago I finally had some time to start learning this React *Framework* by using their simple and clear tutorials and I quickly saw it has plenty of SEO support! So I will be trying to port the ASP.Net Core site to NextJS as I much prefer the speed of frontend development and the fantastic hosting tooling and capabilities of [Vercel](

Update 2022-01-31

I've now started using NextJS and have a prototype working, with the following behaviour.

  • serverside loading of homepagelinks and events today
  • bootstrap

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